How to - Braids for this Fall

If you’ve caught The Hills, you would know that LC has been sporting the asymmetric braid all season. Braids are pretty much a staple for Californians this fall. Bohemians Chic, braids have made a monster come back. Whether you’re catching coffee at the local Bean or getting ready for a night out, braids can give you and your outfit that extra oomph.  Free People rocks the “oh so care free” braids in this season’s catalogue. Added bonus, Free People created a how-to page matched with how-to videos.  For more details, visit Free People’s page

Featured Braids: The Knot Braid, The Fishbone Braid, and The Twist Braid


How To Braids

Monica from Free People shows us how to construct the Knot Braid

Keep in mind, these braids are more suited for women with long hair. If you’re like me and recovering from the Pbob, it may be better to let this trend slip by.  

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3 Responses to “How to - Braids for this Fall”

  1. sassy Says:


  2. Amber Says:

    wow, that’s an awesome braid! i wish i would try on my friends hair, but unfortunatally, its very curly and quite short. Unlike my own hair… i know how to do french braid, now the knot braid but not the fishbone/fishtail plait… (now i just need to master that)

  3. Caitlin Says:

    I’m so glad that I found this, I’ve been looking for how to do this for a long time. Hopefully when I move to Canada I’ll be able to have cute hairdos!

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