2012 GQ’s best restaurant in America - Ink

June 18th, 2012

A little over a week ago, I had the joy of dining at Ink, a new American restaurant from the Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. Our main purpose of dining at Ink was to not only dine at GQ’s #1 restaurant in America, but also experience the deliciousness of foie gras before it becomes banned on July 1st, 2012. First, getting a reservation may be a challenge. The restaurant is not very large and half the restaurant is dedicated to reservations while the other half is for walk ins. My friend and I were not able to secure a reservation but were lucky enough to land a table within 15 minutes. Second, Ink’s menu varies by the week. Third, anything you order will impress your taste buds.

LA Ink Foie Gras

We ordered the foie gras, halibut, and lamb shoulder. The best dish was the foie gras. The textural melody of the creamy foie gras, crunchy waffle, sweet smoked maple syrup and spicy hot sauce was like a party in my mouth. It’s a shame they are banning foie gras next month.

My last word about Ink is that you should make your way and experience their foie gras before it’s too late.

It’s been a while but I’m back!

June 18th, 2012

Hello ladies and gents!

I’ve been sidetracked with academics for the past two years but now that I have that squared away, I’m back! I couldn’t stay away forever :) You may notice a slight change in tone and content, but rest assure I’m the same chick. Like technology, we’re always changing and maturing. My blog will surely reflect this.

I still love fashion, food, tech toys and doing all this on a budget. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy blogging.



Rock and Republic Sample Sale Fall 2010

November 1st, 2010

Up next, Rock and Republic’s Annual Fall Sample Sale!

Rock and Republic Sample Sale

Up to 90% OFF

Denim, Footwear, Cosmetics, Kids, Tees & much more!

Dates: Friday Nov 12 10am - 9pm,  Saturday Nov 13 9am - 6pm, Sunday Nov 14 11am - 4pm.

Location: 3525 Eastham Drive, Culver City, CA 90232

Rock and Republic Sample Sale 2010


  • no handbags or strollers allowed in sale
  • cash and credit only (cash is better)
  • chicks, wear a skirt or dress for easy access
  • arrive early. lines are ridiculous!

Save on Good Eats - Restaurant.com

April 28th, 2010

What’s better than good eats? Good eats at a discounted price! I’m not talking about a cheap imitation that leaves you questioning what did you just eat. I’m talking about dining at the same exact restaurant at a lower cost. What’s the secret? Restaurant.com! Restaurant.com has an extensive list of reputable causal to mid-price restaurants willing to offer their regular priced item at an overall discount.

How does it work? Restaurant.com clearly lists when you purchase a card for $30, it’s worth (say) $75. That’s a saving of 60%! Comparable to Groupon but with wider selection. But do note the fine print. Some restaurants list that the offer is only valid for dine in or there is an additional 18% required gratuity. It’s a small price to pay for such a great offer.

I’m one that believes just because the economy is tightening up, it doesn’t mean our palettes has to suffer.


It’s no secret that everything in life is sweeter when it’s free. Bon appétit!

Amazing Sample Sale in Beverly Hills

April 22nd, 2010

No other words to describe it. It’s an “Amazing Sample Sale!” Featuring one of my favorite boutique designers, iheartkayden. If you’re looking for unique designs at a fantastic savings, this is the place to be. Only catch, it’s cash only so be sure to stop by an ATM before arriving there. You will need cash.

Time: Saturday April 24th & Sunday April 25th 10am - 6pm
Address: 1071 Laurel Way Beverly Hills CA

Kayden Sample Sale


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Linea Pelle Spring Sample Sale - April 10

April 7th, 2010

Linea Pelle Spring Sample Sale

Just in time for Spring! Linea Pelle’s premium leather accessories are perfect for any season. Linea Pella’s host’s their annual Spring Sample Sale this Saturday. They’ve got tons of beautiful belts, bracelets and bags that you just cannot miss out on! Even if you’re not familiar with the brand’s name, I’m sure you’ve seen Linea Pelle’s products in all the premium stores. Linea Pelle is known for their fine luxury leather bags, belts, and wallet.

Dates: Saturday, April 10th from 10am – 4pm!

Location: 2222 Barry Avenue in West Los Angeles


Linea Pelle Spring Sample Sale


  • Cash and credit accepted
  • All sales are final

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!

SpaFinder - Deal Days $50 Spa Treatments

March 2nd, 2010

It’s time to indulge in luxury. Sweet, serene, self-indulgent luxury. It’s time for SpaFinder’s Annual National $50 Spa Treatment promotion. During the week of March 8-14th, Spas listed in SpaFinder’s directory list 2 of their most popular spa treatments for only $50! Looking to try out a new treatment? Looking to try out a new neighborhood spa? This is prime opportunity to indulge at a discount. SpaFinder has a wide selection of Spas in your area. For example I entered my home Zip Code 90503 and SpaFinder returned 73 locations. Given that some of their Spa location results are too far for my taste, there is still an extensive location list to choose from. Treatments vary from European facials to Mani/Pedis to Swedish massages to Microdermabrasion. All these wonderful treatments for only $50. There’s something for every woman or man. If you’re looking for a little self-indulgence, look no further.

SpaFinder 2010

I must insist one thing, if your Masseuse did a stellar job then when you tip, be kind and tip based upon pre-promo rate.

Hurry and call your nearest Spa! Appointments are limited and it’s first come, first serve. If you miss this wonderful opportunity from SpaFinder, you’ll have to wait another year.

Save time and money when traveling with FuncTravel

March 1st, 2010

Savvy shopper? Yes we are! Summer is prime traveling season which means, high demand and high expense. I don’t know about you but I’m watching every penny going out of my wallet. I will admit, I have a weakness for cute purses, shoes, shirts, dresses, and everything else I can’t seem to live without. But a penny saved is still a penny saved.

As I’m scouting for Summer airfares, I’ve discovered this really nifty website Functravel. Functravel essentially compares multiple airlines airfare cost depending on your flight date and airports. Nothing special right? Here’s the kicker. If you check the “Low Fare Graph” and select the flight months, Functravel will produce an average airfare price for the selected flight period. Now you know what’s the average price for the flight there and back and the price of the surrounding days. This is perfect for those travelers who have a bit of flexibility and looking to save money.

Functravel Website

Not ready to commit but know exactly where you would like to fly? Functravel has a TravelAgent alert tool. TravelAgent sends you a daily or weekly (you set the preference) email alerting you if they found airfare that matches your specifications. That’s right, you tell TravelAgent where you want to go, what date range you would like to travel, what’s the max budget and they do all the searching for you. Free travel concierge? That’s right.

I love it when technology does all the foot work for me. Now this leaves me more time to search for what I really love, like those new shoes…

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